For the opening of Shanghai Interactive Theatre Festival (SHIFT) DASDUR’s Christian Steinhäuser and Electric Universe’s Boris Blenn composed a 60-minute trans-electronic concert set in an ever-changing multimedia live sculpture produced by phase7 performing.arts under the direction of the show’s creator Sven Sören Beyer. The concert features live musicians, traditional Chinese instruments, local children and youth choirs and dancers, all embedded in the sculpture and accompanied by elaborate light and video art. 35 unmanned quadrocopters/drones are the protagonists of the open-air performance of MURMURATION. The quadrocopters dance as a swarm of bright lights scattered across the sky, as if by magic drawing the audience into an artistic universe which excites all the senses.

Location: Auto Expo Park, Boyuan Road No. 7565, Anting, Shanghai, China


Artistic director / Show by Sven Sören Beyer
Composition Christian Steinhäuser, Boris Blenn
Musicians phase7 Christian Steinhäuser, Boris Blenn, Martin Rosengarten, Marc Eisenschink, Markus Hauke
Musicians Silk & Bamboo Erhu: Shilin Zhang, Dizi: Hongyuan Zhang, Pipa: Zhongxiang Tang, Jing Shi
Cello Fang Huang
Children’s Choir Little Star Choir, Conductor – Jin Yang
Youth Choir Shanghai University Choir, Conductor – Jiayu Li
Light Design Bjoern Hermann
Video Art Hajo Rehm, Asaf Etiel
Interactive Art Frieder Weiss, Matthias Härtig
VJ Safy (VJ Sniper)
Choreography Lydia Klement
Dancers Jun Dong, Meng Chen, Jun Hua, Jing Liang, Ran Yi, Qianmeng Zhao, Duo Duo, Lina Hu
Costume Pedro Richter
Project Manager Jana Posth
Project Assistance Marieke Janßen
Music Producer Jason Zwolinski
Local Music Supervisors Thom Guo, Michael Wang
Festival Director Frank Chen Qiang
Quadrocopters CollMot Robotics, Budapest
Concept Sven Sören Beyer, Christiane Neudecker
photos by Johannes von Jena