BAKU 2015

DASDUR produced the soundtrack for the Closing Ceremony of the First European Games in June 2015, for world-class, international event company Five Currents. The massive show, held in the new Baku Olympic Stadium, was performed before a sold-out audience of 70,000 and broadcast live to half a billion viewers worldwide. In the seven month production period, Music Director Christian Steinhäuser and his team gathered together more than 300 instrumentalists, singers and orchestras to create a stunning fusion of the old musical traditions of Azerbaijan with modern orchestra and electronic sounds. DASDUR’s new arrangement of the Azerbaijan National Anthem has become a favorite of the country’s top government officials.


Production FiveCurrents
Artistic Director James Hadley
Music Director Christian Steinhäuser DASDUR
Traditional Music Supervisor Azad Veliyev DASDUR
Associate Music Director Christian Feltkamp DASDUR
Composer/Orchestrator Composer/Orchestrator
Music Producer Jason Zwolinski
Orchestra Berlin Session Orchestra
Conductor Joris Bartsch-Buhle
Recording TELDEX Studio Tobias Lehmann
Mixing Max Trieder, DASDUR