Celestial Mechanics – Extorting
Deutsche Oper Berlin

The world premiere of Christian Steinhäuser´s “Eine Entortung Dass Die Welt Sein Mag” formed the second half of the Deutsche Opera Berlin’s 2013/2014 two-part season opener, “Himmelsmechanik-Eine Entortung” (“Celestial Mechanics—Displaced and Relocated”) on August 22. With lyrics by Christiane Neudecker, the opera begins as the audience and the singers meet passing through a labyrinth of video and sound. For the finale, a circular army of 80 speakers surrounds the audience, with “broken celestial mechanics” being represented by the sound coming in waves all around them. dasDUR, Deutsche Opera Berlin and Artistic Director Sven Sören Beyer and his phase7 team created the new musical interface using the latest technology and inspired by the the work of the European Organization for Nuclear Research.


Productionphase7 performing.arts
Music DirectorKevin McCutcheon
Artistic DirectorSven Sören Beyer
CompositionChristian Steinhäuser
LibrettoChristiane Neudecker
Software ArtistFrieder WeissVideo ArtistHajo Rehm
Safy Etiel
DramaturgyAnne Oppermann &
Dorothea Hartmann

Sound SupervisorMarc Eisenschink