Day of German Unity

For the second year in a row, DASDUR composed and produced the soundtrack for “Tag der Deutschen Einheit” (“The Day of German Unity”). The 25th Day of German Unity’s motto was “Overcoming Borders,“  and the celebration—including famed singer Namika, choirs and a jet-ski squadron—was performed for an audience of 50,000 between the bridges on the Main River in Frankfurt. Directed by Sven Soeren Beyer and Commissioned by phase7, the bridges were used as oversized stages, one with a 60-meter LED screen for video art. At the end of the show, huge spotlights formed 25 bridges of light across the river, one for each year of reunification.


Productionphase 7
Creative Director Sven Sören Beyer
Music Director Christian Steinhäuser

Composition and ArrangementChristian Steinhäuser
Dr. Raphael Thöne