550th Anniversary of Kazakh Khanate, Astana Kazakhstan 2015

To honor 550 years of unity of the tribes of Khazakstan—and to introduce the world to the site of the upcoming international Expo—Balich Worldwide Shows produced the stunning “Mangilik El,“ based on the book “Tarikh Tolkynda“ from President Nazarbaev. dasDUR created the soundtrack and sound design for the show, highlighting a cross-section of Khazak music traditions. Over 5,000 cast and 60 horses performed for a handpicked audience at the new Barys Ice Arena in the capital city of Astana.


ProductionBalich Worldwide Shows

Artistic DirectorLida Castelli

Music DirectorChristian Steinhäuser

Assistant Music DirectorChristian Feltkamp

Music ProducerAzad Veliyev

Music SupervisorAktoty Raimkulova

OrchestrationHamit Shangaliyev and
Christian Steinhäuser