Music Production

DASDUR is a creative music production collective based at renowned Babelsberg Studios in Berlin, Germany with a composers’ atelier in Mitte.

Founded in 2012 by music director and composer Christian Steinhäuser, DASDUR offers producers, composers and creatives a customizable package of music and audio services  including composition, supervision, production and music direction.

DASDUR’s multi-national team of composers, conductors and music producers work closely with the exceptionally talented and diverse pool of world-class musicians and orchestras that make Berlin one of the world’s great musical centers.

Through our partnerships with Studio Babelsberg, Rotor Post and Teldex Studio Berlin, our mission is to provide a seamless, comprehensive, one-stop, state-of-the-art, full-service music production service to international clients.

Christian Steinhäuser

German-Born composer Christian Steinhäuser is the founder of DASDUR Berlin. His unique fusion of orchestral classical combined with high-end technology and traditional regional styles sets him apart in both the Berlin art scene and the world of high-profile international events.

DASDUR incorporates the best studio and music production network in Europe with some of the world’s top composers. We regularly work with Teldex Studios, the Berlin Session Orchestra, Rotor film postproduction and many others.

One of Christian’s career high points was acting as Music Director and Music Production Company for the Baku 2015 First European Games Closing Ceremony. The fusion of traditional Azeri music, classical orchestra and modern arrangements won high praise from the media, as well as from the people of Azerbaijan. Christian’s new arrangement of the Azerbaijan National Anthem has become a favorite of the country’s top government officials.

Composing in different styles with different teams gives DASDUR an advantage when providing music for culturally diverse projects, and Christian’s extensive work in the Middle East has made him the go-to artist for many of the regions biggest productions.

His work there has included stints as Music Director of the 44th UAE National Day, Music Director of Sharjah’s Clusters of Light, Music Director for the 550th Anniversary of Kazakh Kanate in Astana, Kazakhstan, Composer for the 10th anniversary of the enthroning of the King of Bahrain on the occasion of the Opening of the National Charter Monument, Composer for Oman’s Light from the Arab World and Composer for the 15th Asian Games 2006 in Doha.

Christian is also the Music Director of Berlin-based artists network phase7 performing arts, for whom he composed ”Delusions II“ with virtual acoustic environments. After a premiere in Berlin ”Delusions II“ was invited to the New Vision Arts Festival in Hong Kong and the Norwegian Bergen Festival.

His second opera, ”Mechanism of the Heavens,“ premiered in Berlin in August 2013, produced by Deutsche Oper Berlin and phase7 with a Libretto of Christiane Neudecker and the artistic direction of Sven Sören Beyer.

Christian Feltkamp

German-Born musician Christian Feltkamp is a Music Director for DASDUR.  Christian discovered his love for music relatively late, trained on piano, church & jazz organ from the age of twelve, followed by a rapid and notable rise. During his studies at the prestigious ArtEZ Conservatorium in the Netherlands, instrument manufacturer YAMAHA took notice and endorsed him on tours throughout Europe.  After his success touring Europe and in the music studio business, Christian moved to Hamburg where he had a long career as musician and coach for Disney’s hit musical production “The Lion King”.

Feltkamp met Christian Steinhäuser over two decades ago and the two connected immediately via their shared passion for orchestral and theatrical music.  As Associate Music Director of the Baku 2015 First European Games Closing Ceremony, he and Steinhäuser fused traditional Azeri music and classical orchestra with modern arrangements and produced a new arrangement of the Azerbaijan National Anthem.

Together they have produced music for many international events including Sharjah’s Clusters of Light, the 550th Anniversary of Kazakh Kanate in Astana, Kazakhstan, the 10th anniversary of the enthroning of the King of Bahrain on the occasion of the Opening of the National Charter Monument, the celebrations for the European Capital of Culture 2014 in Sweden, Oman’s Light from the Arab World and the Opening Ceremony of the 15th Asian Games in Doha, 2006.

Jason Zwolinski

American born Producer Jason Zwolinski is Head of Production for DASDUR Berlin. He was the Music and Content Producer for the Baku 2015 European Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies and the head of Music, Content and Headline Talent for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Working as Director of Production & Event Development for eight years at The GRAMMYs in Los Angeles, he produced a myriad of live music events including GRAMMY & Latin GRAMMY Nominees Receptions, GRAMMY Artists Revealed in New York and Mexico City and GRAMMY Salute to Jazz and Salute to Gospel Music events in Los Angeles and Washington D.C.. Jason developed and produced GRAMMYs Rock The Convention, the GRAMMY Foundation’s Music Education in the Schools events at the 2008 Democratic and Republican National conventions and he conceived, developed and produced the first ever GRAMMY Concert Tours.

He has booked and managed talent for his events including:  Busta Rhymes, Cat Power, Clark Terry, Estelle, Fergie, Gretchen Wilson, Jaime Foxx, James Moody, John Legend, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Kid Rock, Kinky, Lady GaGa, LL Cool J, McCoy Tyner. Missy Elliot, Natalie Cole, Natasha Bedingfield, Oscar Peterson, Ozomatli, Pharrell Williams and N.E.R.D., Pitbull, Seal, Sean Kingston and Wyclef.

Max Trieder

After Studies of Musicology at Germany’s Martin-Luther-Universität Halle, Max continued his music education, receiving a diploma in Audio-Engineering and Record Producing from the University of Music in Detmold where he led tutorials for Digital Audio and Popular Music. Max also lectured on Mixing and Music Production at the University of Applied Sciences “HdpK” Berlin.

Max was employed as Audio Engineer for the Wagner Festival in Bayreuth, Germany and his audio engineering skills have been sought by many of the top event producers in the world. He has been involved in producing and engineering music for international events including the European Games Closing Ceremony, the world’s first LEGO Ninjago LIVE Show, the Islamic Solidarity Games and German Reunification Day.

Max has produced, engineered and/or mixed more than 30 Rock and Pop releases for artists including The Hirsch Effekt, Adolar, Faber and Teesy. He is also composing and producing his own music with band Sissi Rada, a unique fusion of indie rock and electronic elements.